COLUMBIA e-Campus Policy Manual

NOTICE! This page contains important information about the procedures for completing your course(s). Please read carefully, to avoid any delay in obtaining your credit.

Columbia e-Campus was created in 2002 to provide real-time, 24-7 online courses for both qualifying and CE in those states which accept such education. Columbia e-Campus has experienced thousands of registrations throughout the country since its beginning.  Columbia partners with two Learning Management Systems (LMS) to offer students a wide variety of courses: On-course Learning and Fastclass. See additional information in the left column. 


You may register and access your course at any time. (if you choose not to use a credit card, you must register by calling Columbia.) You may cancel your registration for any reason for up to five (5) business days from the date of purchase. Notice of cancellation must be made by contacting Columbia Institute by phone, Fax, or E-mail. The request must be received by Columbia Institute within five business days of the date of purchase. A cancellation fee may be charged. The cancellation fee is 15% of the total tuition, not to exceed $100. If you are unable to access a course during the first week, for whatever reason, a full refund will be made.

All courses are completed on-line. The student may stop at any point and pick up where he/she left off.

All lessons must be completed within 180 days of the date of enrollment. Access to the lessons will expire at midnight on the 180th day following enrollment. You have 90 days to review the course content after you have completed the final lesson, regardless of when the course is completed.

On completion of all course requirements, the school will issue a course transcript. This is e-mailed to you within three days of completion, however, under most circumstances it can be e-mailed on the day of completion. An administrative fee of $5 is charged for duplicate transcripts.

1. Assistance regarding hardware, software or internet issues should be addressed to: 
Fastclass: Tech Support at (866) 455-3278.
On-Course Learning courses: Tech Support at (800) 743-8703.

2. Assistance regarding academic content or administration: 
Columbia e-Campus at (800) 766-1936.


A final exam is not required for appraiser continuing education (ACE) credit. The student must complete the "Evaluation," and the "Student Affidavit." The course transcript is emailed within three business days of completion. (For Fastclass courses, the transcript is e-mail immediately upon completion of the course.)


Qualifying courses require a proctored final examination. Students must attain a minimum score of 75%. If you do not make a passing score on the first exam you may schedule a make-up exam no sooner than the time required to mail to the proctor. Should you not pass the make-up exam, you must reregister and repeat the course before taking the final exam again. A discounted re-enrollment fee will be charged. (In some courses, a third exam is authorized.)

Scheduling Final Exam: You must locate a suitable proctor, then call (800) 766-1936 or email to schedule your exam. Proctors: in most cases the local librarian serves as the proctor, but proctors may also be attorneys, school officials (including proprietary), notary public, active clergy and individuals approved to teach a course in a class-room environment. Fees charged by the proctor, if any are the responsibility of the student. Columbia will mail the examination materials and instructions to the proctor, along with a stamped return envelope. The proctor materials can not be faxed or e-mailed, but the proctor may fax the completed answer sheet to Columbia. Columbia e-mails all transcripts directly to the student.

*(Arkansas Students Please Note: - Proctors must be pre-approved by the Arkansas Appraisal Board. For a list of Arkansas approved proctors, click here.)

On completion of all the lessons on the computer, you should allow the following times for processing to complete the course and receive your transcript (Course Completion Certificate):
Scheduling the proctored final exam 3 business days
Mailing of exam from proctor to Columbia Institute 3 days (estimated)
Grading of Exam and emailing transcript 3 business days
(It is often possible to expedite this procedure, when necessary).

All the lessons for the course are completed online. Any necessary materials are printed out by the student. Upon request, Columbia may mail course materials to the student for a nominal fee. You may access the online course immediately and begin working as soon as you complete the registration process.

There are three important steps in completing a course:
1. Complete ALL lessons and answer all questions. Most questions are timed and need to be answered within the prescribed time for credit. A lesson is not complete until it is checked off on the main menu.
2. On completion of all lessons, you must complete the submit the "Student Affidavit" and the "Evaluation."
3. You must complete a proctored exam with a score of 75% or higher correct. 

Thank You for Choosing Columbia e-Campus!!!